Outfit of the Week #2

Revel Yehezkia

Hi Michsters! Welcome back for another series for our Weekly Editor's Pick. For our second week, we have our one and only, Catherine!

[Top - Zara, Shorts - Romwe.com, Hat - Disney Store, Necklace - Micha.com]

Catherine is a high-spirited, fun, and charming lady. With her unique personalities, comes her unique sense of fashion. We chose this outfit for her, along with Micha Triple Clara Square Gemstone Fashion Necklace because it really matches with her witty and outgoing personalities. The necklace brings out the smile and positive vibes that she always projects to the people around her

This look can be yours! Go to our ALL PRODUCT page and check out the wide selection of our jewelries. Tune in for next week's Editor's Pick for more outfit ideas.

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