Outfit of The Week: All My Fallvorite Things

Catherine Au Jong

Happy Fall, Michsters! This season Micha is ready to share with you our Fallvorite styles throughout the season, we are ready to share our outfit of the week available every Monday! 
This week, we would like to present Hilda's Fallvorite Style:

Necklace - Hadley Flower Geometric, Coat - Zara, Bottoms - Zara, Boots - Zara 


Hilda's style focuses on comfort and warmth. This time, she turned the casualness of her outfit into a more posh look by accessorizing her outfit. Her statement of the day are both her bold red lipstick and her necklace: Hadley Geometric Fashion Necklace. She may have left her outfit with simply the coat and boots as her statements, but it would have been too boxy and structured. To neutralize and create more of a natural look, she added curve into her outfit through the necklace. 

This necklace truly represented her simple and basic styling principle. Hilda normally plays with the hues of black, white, and grey; so Hadley Geometric Fashion Necklace really exemplifies her styles. 

So peeps.. This look can be yours! Go to our All Product page and check out the wide selection of accessorize to accentuate your Fall season. Tune in for next week's Editor's Pick for more outfit ideas.



Micha Team 

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