Outfit of the Week: Fuzzy Furry Fall

Catherine Au Jong

How is your Fall season going? We bet you've been waiting for our next episode of Fallvorite by Micha.
This week we have Catherinewho will present to you her Fallvorite Style:
Necklace - Zen Geometric Fashion Necklace (Micha), Sweaters - H&M, Pants - Unbranded, Shoes - Target 
For Catherine, no matter what season it is during the year - her outfit still gotta be fun and playful. In this outfit of her, she wears sweater to keep the upper part of her body warm and cozy. The shorts and boots really were the elements that expresses her playfulness. She also got a chance to show off her beret, which meant to add some more colors to her outfit. To show off her playfulness, she paired up her outfit with Zen Geometric Fashion Necklace, which is very edgy and unique.  
The necklace shows Catherine odd, fun, and edgy personality. Catherine always goes out with a unique outfit, and this necklace is her perfect outfit soulmate. 
So peeps.. This look can be yours! Go to our All Product page and check out the wide selection of accessorize to accentuate your Fall season. Tune in for next week's Editor's Pick for more outfit ideas.


Micha Team 

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