Outfit of The Week: My Classic Autumn

Catherine Au Jong

It's November, which means a bunch of parties and dinners are waiting ahead! With this reason in mind,this time Maria is sharing with you how to dress up on your Thanksgiving and Holiday events!
Lately often times when you plan to go to a formal occasions like dinners or parties, peplum then becomes your friends. Peplum provides structure which makes your overall look more formal and grand. This time Maria is wearing a peplum top from Asos and she paired it up with her bodycon skirt. Matching the color and formalness of the outfit, she wears a pair of black pumps from Zara. 
Her outfit is themed black and white - geometric as you can see. So to top everything off, she added Roux Triple Flower Fashion Necklace, which is rather curvy and geometric at the same time. The necklace itself gives her look a more edgy and feminine look at the same time. The color and design overall perfectly fits the outfit she wears. 
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Stay tuned for our next series in Outfit of The Week!


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