Outfit of The Week: City Chic

Catherine Au Jong

Welcome back to Micha's Series of Outfit of The Week! Many of you know or probably noticed that the four of us run this business based in Chicago. We all think that Chicago is a beautiful big city, so in this post Intan will share her outfit of the week as well as a part of Chicago's beauty:
As usual, this time Intan dresses herself with charisma. When you see Intan, you see this mature fashionable chick. She always dress up with city chic style, so almost all her styles really matches well with the city. She is wearing a little black dress that again fits her body. She paired the dress up with a formal looking black pumps that looks really classy. 
Completing the look, she topped her outfit off with Genevieve White Fashion Necklace. The detail and style of the necklace is definitely a true beauty. It is very detailed, exquisite, and grand. The necklace matches really well not only with her outfit, but also her personality and the city's personality as well. 
Michsters, this look can be yours! Check out our ALL PRODUCTS page to view a wide variety or elegant necklaces for the season. You can wear it for the upcoming holiday or new year's party or simply gifts for your friends/family! 
Stay tuned for our next series of Outfit of The Week! 


Micha Team

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