Micha in New York Day 2

Catherine Au Jong

Hi Michsters!

Sure you are here for the next episode! Now we feel so complete because Maria is finally in town! After exploring the tourist sites of New York, today we are exploring the not-so-popular sites in the city. 

The morning started with some exercise. We walked a little bit by the Brooklyn Bridge through the Brooklyn Bridge Park. In here, we could see Brooklyn Bridge from afar. We saw people playing soccer, taichi, and all sorts of exercise. Soon afterwards, we took the cab and went to Manhattan to attend our reservation at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Top notch the best roast duck we've had. The meat is so tender and the flavor is super rich. Plus the unique roasted potato and super fresh veggies. It was quality food, for real! We then walked across the street for dessert: Momofuku Milk Bar! The tastiest ice cream we've tried too! It was not sweet, but rather salty and light. Makes you never got tired of them. It was heavenly.

After filling up our tummies, we visited Sony Wonder Technology Lab in the city. We got to explore some unique toys and sciences. It was a different experience! We then headed to MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts) where we saw Picasso's and Van Gogh's paintings, unique sculptures, and architecture exhibits. As you can tell, both Hilda and Maria went excited about them!

Right after MoMA, we took the cab back to our hotel to prepare for New York Fashion Week Couture Fashion Show in Crowne Plaza Manhattan. Around 6 P.M., we arrived in the hotel and were seated on the front row, ready for the show. Overall, we were most impressed by Cheng Hao's collections. It was unique, modern, minimalist, and well produced. However, during the day the best designer announcement was also made where an Indonesian designer, Diana M Putri got the award. We were touched by the announcement as all of us came from Indonesia and we had some attachments.  

The night was still young. We all travelled Times Square, right outside the hotel. We took pictures around, and had a quick stop at McDonald's for snack as it was raining outside. We roamed around and then decided to hop to Korean Town again! for dinner. We went to Yupgi for their Boneless Chicken Feet, Ramen, and Cheese-Ddeokbokki. After that we had a dessert at Tous Les Jours. 

The best day so far in New York. We felt like competing and racing with time, but we made it! It felt so good. 

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