Micha in New York Day 3

Catherine Au Jong

Finally we are on our last episode of Micha NYFW. We were really sad to leave New York, we liked the city a lot and would like to come back together again one day! 

We are sure you are back here again for a reason, hope you have been enjoying our blog post!

We did not do a lot on our third day, as it was our last day (not even a full day!) the day went pretty quick and short. We started the day walking and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. It was really pretty from up there, we never knew that the bridge is really picturesque. We took a bunch of pictures and stopped every now and then, still wowed by the design of the bridge. 

Soon after we arrived on the other end, we took the subway to go to Grand Central Terminal. Maria is an architecture-holic. So looking at the place really dazzled her. Honestly, the building itself looks amazing! We felt like we were in a movie. The dome has quite some exquisite details with the stars and horoscope drawings as if it was the sky. The windows and stairs are also very artistic and Roman. It was so cool! 

We took the subway again and went to Flatiron district and building. The building is flat from the front, which explains why it was named that way. We took a bunch of pictures while crossing the road.. yea we needed to wait until green lights and we redid the pictures gazillion times! We obsess over great pictures, you know!

[powr-photo-gallery label="NYC3"]

Closing the day with two rounds of lunch: Ippudo Ramen and Peter Luger Steakhouse. Ippudo Ramen has really nice ambiance and the ramen was also tasty! The chewiness and flavorful broth made it to the top ramen I personally have had. Sipping ramen as our appetizers, we then headed to Peter Luger Steakhouse for the real deal. Heavenly... the meat was very tender and the outside was crispy. I would say there was not as much taste to the meat, but we just closed our eyes and enjoyed every bite of the steak.. It was delicious!


As some of us have 6 p.m. flight, we went our own ways and departed home eventually. The day, the trip, went by really quick. But overall it was all lovely and fun. We would love to go back there again together !


Thanks for enjoying bits and pieces of our stories. Hope it has been fun for you. If you have any comment, feel free to drop it down here below the post. Have a sweet day!


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