About Us

Micha Store is a Chicago based start-up online accessory retailer and ready-to-wear clothing designed, sewn and produced by our members. The store was founded by Maria, Intan, Catherine, and Hilda; four friends who shared their passion on fashion and entrepreneurship. In realization to their shared dreams and passion, on May 2015 they built an online store called Micha (M-aria, I-ntan, C-atherine, H-ilda, A-ccessories) which provides customer with in-style and elegant accessories. 

Micha Store believes in providing our customers with excellent service and great products with a reasonable price. Our products are geared towards the latest fashion trends all year round from winter to fall. Micha Store believes that good accessories make good style and good look; good look make a more confident you! 

Currently Micha Store serves customers within the United States. As we grow bigger, we may offer our products to customers beyond the Americas. 

 Visit this page to see our team members: The Team

Contact us at sales@michastore.com