The Team

Maria | Creative Director

Maria is an architect. She enjoys photography, architecture, and travelling. Besides architecture, Maria is also passionate about art and fashion. Maria loves, really loves sleeping. Maria produces most of the photos posted in 


Catherine | Business Operations

Catherine is a Solutions Architect and has a degree in Management Information Systems and Accounting. She has been a fashion blogger since 2009. Having a fashion business has always been her dream, and Micha is a media for her to learn and grow her passion. Fun fact about Catherine: she can speak and read Korean


Hilda | Fashion Designer and Stylist

Her passion in fashion is second to none. Her top interest is in classic high fashion and she has been learning about fashion since high school. Her goal is to be able to work in a famous designer’s store after she graduates. She also wants to open her own store one day and be a famous fashion designer. For her, Micha is a start of her journey to become the best fashion designer.


 IT Development Group 

  • Fiefie (Sr. Developer)
  • Jerry (Project Manager)

Creative Team

  • LeighAnn (Graphic Designer)
  • Amy (Talent)
  • Alexandra (Makeup Artist)